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Miguel Solis drops by the new SAGA Pod World Headquarters in beautiful Oak Lawn to break some news about the latest developments in his efforts to establish a pre-K board policy for DISD. We also talk smack about his soon-to-be-former colleague on the school board, new Texas education commissioner Mike Morath. We wonder what changes a Morath-led TEA might undergo, and what his absence means to kids, parents, and citizens of Dallas. He also makes fun of my previous world headquarters and demands I try to play some intro and outro music, which does not go swimmingly. As always, please listen with your ears. 

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We go deep on education on this one, as Jim Schutze and I talk about DISD, merit pay for teachers, and how politics and race figured into the bond election. We also discuss the city attorney deciding to leave his job in the wake of the failed attempt to get councilman Scott Griggs indicted. Also, Jim likes the fact a house got destroyed. Never forget he is evil. As always, please listen with your ears.

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Jim Schutze breaks a little news -- or at least rumor that is news-y -- about DA Susan Hawk at the beginning of the SAGA Pod this week. We discuss whether the district attorney's actions are raising any red flags. Then we talk education -- why the state of Texas is making it harder to teach poor kids, and why Joyce Foreman is doing the same. We wonder why the politics of urban education make for strange bedfellows -- Clinton Democrats and business leaders on one side, far left-wingers and far right-winger on the other. And we wonder why Houston is kicking our ass when it comes to urban planning. I also reveal how I, on a reporter's salary, am able to buy a townhouse in central Dallas. (Hint: my looks have something to do with it.) As always, please listen with your ears. 

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We're back! Jim Schutze promises to make this at least a bi-weekly exercise. We'll see. This week we talk about the D Magazine story on Susan Hawk's return, why Democrats are wrong to call for her resignation (at least over this), the real story behind the end of Michael Hinojosa's honeymoon, and whether Highland Park has some racists located within. Oh, and we ask Jim why he's such a baseless speculator. Fun for the whole family. As always, please listen with your ears.

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On his way out of town, former DISD superintendent Mike Miles stopped by the SAGA pod world headquarters to discuss all things education: teacher evaluations, pre-K, bonds -- you know, the sexy stuff. Also, I tell him he's "stubborn as hell" -- so that was fun. As always, please listen with your ears.

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It's SAGA Pod After Dark! We stop by Schutze Manor to discuss the Trinity Toll Road, the Mayor, the people who really run this city, the group trying to get the Toll Road done at any cost, the Dream Team plan and more traffic noise. Then we go over the latest non-scandal scandals in DISD and wonder if the Bad Guys have finally won. As always, please listen with your ears.

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Shy, quiet District 14 Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston stops by world SAGA pod headquarters to discuss his ongoing opposition to the Trinity Toll Road -- including, but not limited to, bashing the mayor and his "dream team" of architects and urban planners. We also discuss the new PAC co-founded by D Magazine Group leader and D Magazine editor-in-chief Wick Allison, and its efforts to back politicians for city council who support restoration of urban neighborhoods by replacing and rerouting I-345 and I-30. We then touch on what the city could learn from DISD and its comphrensive plan. And, oh yeah -- we talk about Kingston getting kicked out of a breakfast, on camera, by skittish rich folk. As always, please listen with your ears.

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SAGA Pod / Learning Curve 02.05.15

Jim Schutze stops by the World Saga Pod Headquarters to discuss all things DISD: the current HR scandal, a huge DISD effort not covered by the local media (warning: I say bad words), and how Mike Miles has survived every attempt to run him out of town. Then we seque to talk about the squishy accounting system used by Mayor Mike Rawlings and endorsed by City Hall: where sitting officeholders can take as much money as they want from rich people, but the folks running against him are limited on how much they can take. Nice gig if you can get it! As always, please listen with your ears.

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SAGA Pod / Learning Curve 01.29.15

Dallas Home Rule Commissioner Kevin Malonson stops by to discuss the pros and cons of Home Rule: Why he voted against writing a charter, why he isn't against reform, and what critics on both sides of the debate can learn from parents and educators. He also declines my offer to take a swing at me. As always, please listen with your ears.

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SAGA Pod / Learning Curve 01.27.15

I stop by the palacial offices of State Rep. Rafael Anchia to discuss the Trinity Toll Road, the Home Rule Commission, and his broad legislative agenda (LGBT issues, smart meter fonts, etc.). We also talk about how much Arsenal sucks and the concept of horizontal Jesus. As always, please listen with your ears.

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