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On his way out of town, former DISD superintendent Mike Miles stopped by the SAGA pod world headquarters to discuss all things education: teacher evaluations, pre-K, bonds -- you know, the sexy stuff. Also, I tell him he's "stubborn as hell" -- so that was fun. As always, please listen with your ears.

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It's SAGA Pod After Dark! We stop by Schutze Manor to discuss the Trinity Toll Road, the Mayor, the people who really run this city, the group trying to get the Toll Road done at any cost, the Dream Team plan and more traffic noise. Then we go over the latest non-scandal scandals in DISD and wonder if the Bad Guys have finally won. As always, please listen with your ears.

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Shy, quiet District 14 Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston stops by world SAGA pod headquarters to discuss his ongoing opposition to the Trinity Toll Road -- including, but not limited to, bashing the mayor and his "dream team" of architects and urban planners. We also discuss the new PAC co-founded by D Magazine Group leader and D Magazine editor-in-chief Wick Allison, and its efforts to back politicians for city council who support restoration of urban neighborhoods by replacing and rerouting I-345 and I-30. We then touch on what the city could learn from DISD and its comphrensive plan. And, oh yeah -- we talk about Kingston getting kicked out of a breakfast, on camera, by skittish rich folk. As always, please listen with your ears.

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SAGA Pod / Learning Curve 02.05.15

Jim Schutze stops by the World Saga Pod Headquarters to discuss all things DISD: the current HR scandal, a huge DISD effort not covered by the local media (warning: I say bad words), and how Mike Miles has survived every attempt to run him out of town. Then we seque to talk about the squishy accounting system used by Mayor Mike Rawlings and endorsed by City Hall: where sitting officeholders can take as much money as they want from rich people, but the folks running against him are limited on how much they can take. Nice gig if you can get it! As always, please listen with your ears.

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SAGA Pod / Learning Curve 01.29.15

Dallas Home Rule Commissioner Kevin Malonson stops by to discuss the pros and cons of Home Rule: Why he voted against writing a charter, why he isn't against reform, and what critics on both sides of the debate can learn from parents and educators. He also declines my offer to take a swing at me. As always, please listen with your ears.

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SAGA Pod / Learning Curve 01.27.15

I stop by the palacial offices of State Rep. Rafael Anchia to discuss the Trinity Toll Road, the Home Rule Commission, and his broad legislative agenda (LGBT issues, smart meter fonts, etc.). We also talk about how much Arsenal sucks and the concept of horizontal Jesus. As always, please listen with your ears.

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DISD School Board President Miguel Solis stops by to chat about all things education. We talk about the current testing controversy, the controversial teacher evalution system, the controversial battles between Mike Miles and certain school board members -- it's a controversy-heavy discussion is what I'm saying here, people. Also, it's very clear I need to do more of SAGA podcasts in 2015, because, man, are my hosting skills rusty. I think I break a personal record for most "uhhhhhh"s in the first three minutes alone. But don't let my terribleness distract you from Solis, who will actually make you feel hopeful that the board can make substantive progress this semester.

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Jim Schutze of the Dallas Observer (and his dogs) join Eric Celeste of D Magazine to discuss Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings' announcement that he will run for re-election. Do his opponents have a chance? What has the mayor accomplished? How can he help DISD reform? When will Eric pay Rudy Busy of the DMN the $20 he now owes him? Will the tollway be built? Why is DISD so important to this election? And why does everyone hate Eric so much? We answer-ish all these questions and more in the latest SAGA Pod. As always, listen with your ears.

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SAGApod/Learning Curve 10.17.14

I travel to Jim Schutze's evil lair so we can discuss how city leaders have reacted to the Ebola crisis in Dallas. Then we talk about the squabble between DISD's Mike Miles and trustee Bernadette Nutall.

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SAGA Pod / Learning Curve 9.16.14

Jim Schutze stops by to discuss his column from this week, which basically covers all the important things in Dallas: How we're going to get middle-class parents to send their kids to DISD schools (or if we even should want to do that); how that affect the ability of young couples to stay in the city, as they increasingly want to do; and how the Trinity River toll road (and the thinking behind it) makes all of this harder than it has to be. Also, I play a song on my phone. Because Tim convinced me to. The lesson: Never listen to Tim. 

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